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Wow, I have been on this wild ride for a quarter of a century! I would like to tell you all a little

about myself and give you my story. Over the past 25 years, I have been personally involved

with many different aspects of the amusement industry. It has ranged from ESPN XGames,

small fairs and festivals to extremely large fairs and festivals, the NBA, the NFL, the Kentucky

Derby Festival, Atlantis, even The Palms in Dubai! I started out like everyone else, at the

bottom. I was a bartender waiting for my big break, but then realized I had to make it happen.

I started out with a single piece of equipment called the Orbotron and traveled around the

country just trying to make ends meet. I spent several years struggling and paying my dues

but once I got my footing and I learned the game, there was no turning back. I went from one

piece of equipment to having one of the largest special event companies in the USA by the

age of 25. I did events all over North and South America and all throughout the Caribbean.

This journey has taken me far and I have met a lot of very influential people that have changed

my life in so many ways. Working hand in hand with the elites in our field never went to my

head. I remembered what my Momma always said, “Don’t ever forget where you started and

where you came from.” With the combination of the incredible experiences and the people

that I have met along the way, this has helped me shape the business model I have created for

Amusement Supply Company.

I am here to help you with your specific needs. It doesn’t matter if you are just simply starting

out or if you have been around for 30 years, I can help you with making the best decisions for

your company needs.

Here is what I do and what I can do for you: I am your guy. From assisting you with critical

decisions ranging from purchasing equipment or selling your company or simply selling some

of your inventory. Some people’s junk is other people’s treasure. I am here to help you buy,

sell or trade--but I also am looking for a good deal and when I see it, I will buy it. One of the

important things to remember is that when I sell you something, I will be here to buy it back

or help you sell it when you are finished with it. This is part of the ASC Model. Amusement

Supply Company’s specialties are “BUY-SELL-TRADE-CONSULT”

Give me a call and see what I can do for you.

Geoff Schutz